Month: April 2013

Do you know someone looking for work?

The economic outlook still has no prediction on a return to ‘full employment’. Recent Dept of Labor statistics show more than 3 applicants for each posted job and hundreds more dropping off the unemployment count. This Job Search Jam Sessions event will provide you with help for your job search and explore alternatives like entrepreneurship.… Read more »

Instaparty kits

Horace Mann Middle School has a great idea to help the Franklin Food Pantry. Birthday party kits for your neighbors Items needed: gift bags/boxes, birthday cards, cake mixes, cans of frosting, candles, small plates, cups, napkins, utensils, happy birthday signs, disposable cake pans, and decorations of any kind such as party hats, streamers, centerpieces, etc.… Read more »

What does 2,000 calories look like? (video)

Inspired by a post on WiseGeek, this Buzzfeed video set out to see how far 2,000 calories actually goes when you eat, say, only carrots or M&Ms. If you’re worrying that these “meals” just don’t look like that much food, relax: 2,000 calories is “only enough to sustain children and postmenopausal women.”  The original Atlantic post can… Read more »