Month: June 2021

Imagine the Possibilities – 2021 Annual Appeal

We’re asking for your help again because while the pandemic highlighted food insecurity nationwide, the need will not recede as this bright light fades. After the Great Recession, it took nearly ten years, until 2018, for food insecurity to return to pre-recession levels, and even then 37 million people were still at risk for hunger (Feeding America, March 2021).

This June we have launched our annual appeal. Our mission hasn’t changed, and we still need your support to feed our neighbors. The Franklin Food Pantry was here before the Pandemic, and we will be here after the Pandemic. Thank you for your support. Franklin is truly a community who cares for one another.

June 2021 Update

Happy June! The days are growing longer, the sun is finally coming out and we are seeing the light at the end of a very long tunnel. This year certainly brought out the best in our community and we are so grateful to all of you for your support. Through all of the storms, cloudy days and now sunshine, The Pantry has been there for our neighbors and will continue to serve our community.

During the past year we changed the way we served our neighbors without changing what we did: providing healthy food and support. Learn what happened at The Pantry during the Covid-19 Pandemic: