“a good way to do it”

The Franklin Food Pantry is not the only one to benefit from local gardens. The Milford Daily News reports on a garden that Raytheon employees care for that serves the Marlborough Food Pantry.

While making their thrice-weekly trip to the Marlborough Food Pantry to deliver lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers, Raytheon employees Gretel Anspach and Don Jordan encountered a young girl who beamed with excitement about the new produce. 

“She said ‘Gee, mom, we get to have salad tonight,’” said Jordan, an electrical engineer from Franklin. “You hear something like that and it makes it all worthwhile.” 

Each week for upwards of 10 hours, Anspach and Jordan leave their air-conditioned offices at Raytheon during their lunch break or at the end of the day to head to the company’s garden to plant and harvest vegetables, which are donated to the Marlborough Food Pantry.

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