The Franklin Food Pantry has a variety of committees to help support and run the Pantry. Thank you to all of our volunteers who serve on them.

Advancement Committee

Suzanne Gendreau (Chair)
Members: Jim Barton, Molly Barton, Bo Kinney, Ingred Cornetta, Scott Daley, Marci Duffy*, Rachel Flum, Rich McNeil, Donna O’Neill, Colleen Jamison*, Tina Powderly*, Jeff Roy, Steve Sherlock,  Marsha Tait*

Board Governance

Roberta Tahan (Chair)
Members: Vicki Coates, Rachel Flum, Tina Powderly*, Steve Sherlock, Marsha Tait*

Facilities (Building Committee) 

Chris Kilburn (Chair)
Members: Brad Chafee, Glenn Jones, Tom Larsen, Anne McGillis*, Paul Molla, Tina Powderly*


Jim Roche (Chair)
Member: Sue Dewsnap, Marci Duffy*, Andrea Hayward, Molly Kilburn, Tina Powderly*, Anne Silver*, Marsha Tait*

Risk Management

Nancy Schoen (Chair)
Member: Laura Du*, Diane Jardine, Cathleen Liberty, Anne McGillis*, Tina Powderly*


*Pantry Staff