Ambassador Program

Every hand big or small can help.

Our Philosophy: You can make a difference

Whether you are 5 or 105, we can all help in the fight against hunger. Being hungry is more than just the inability to buy food and every person who faces this challenge has their own unique story.  With your help you can make a difference.

When we touch a life and give them grace, that individual is grateful and moves forward in their life to touch or reach out to another.  The chain goes on linking one person to another.  We are feeding actual friends, family and neighbors of Franklin, MA. We are not a large organization. The money you donate goes directly back into Franklin. Each word you speak, each dollar you give supports and invests in your community with us. The Franklin Food Pantry receives no state or local funding and is dependent on fundraising and grants to meet our neighbors’ needs. 

Objective: Identify and recruit people at any age with a passion to serve those who are food insecure. The ambassador program should require minimal investment from the Franklin Food Pantry staff, and our ambassadors can maximize overall results in 3 areas by creating turnkey programs such as: 

  1. Fundraising
  2. Education and Awareness
  3. Community Building

Role of Food Pantry Ambassadors: Ambassadors will raise awareness, help educate the community about hunger and publicize the many ways people can get involved, as well as offer information about Food Pantry programs and services to our neighbors. They can also raise funds through their own activities like marathons, product sales,  etc.  This individual displays a real commitment to eradicating hunger and a passion to inspire others to help. 


Some Ideas that can make a difference:

  • Donor page
  • Host event (concerts, fun runs etc)
  • Social Media promotion – I’m an ambassador…. #DYK over 1400 individuals use the FFP? 
  • Lemonade stand
  • Sell painted crafts
  • Your idea here 
  • Talk about what you are doing and why

Small Businesses/Restaurants/Community Organizations

Small businesses are the lifeblood of our community. They support us all through their generosity. This is a way for businesses to help connect their service and community. Through the initiatives that you choose to support us, your customers can support you. 

  • Become Pantry Partners (sign posted at business  Franklin Food Pantry supported here
  • Add logo FFP ambassador logo to your website 
  • Raise awareness about The Pantry by sharing why you are doing what you are doing, promoting the Pantry 
  • Be a donation location 
  • Restaurants can offer a special drink where proceeds go to the pantry
  • Education night
  • Sell magnet
  • Bring us as a partner to your events – pass out materials etc 
  • FFP Crowdfunding page
  • Other ways to get involved

Helping at special events where appropriate – age limits

  • Special Events: Ambassadors greet and register guests, sell raffle tickets and network at special events such as Empty Bowls, Family Volunteer Appreciation, Turkey Trot,  Town events like harvest festival
  • Tabling (Hosting informational tables at various outreach activities) Ambassadors provide information on programs and services and build relationships with participants at health fairs, business expos, open houses and other community events.

How we can help you:

  • Provide Food Pantry Ambassador logo to website 
  • Online tool kit including PDF flyers about the Pantry, posters/signs that say supporter of the Franklin Food Pantry
  • Set up donation page for you 
  • List ambassadors on website 

Interested in being an Ambassador? Contact Marsha Tait at

Ambassador Profiles

Profile of an ambassador: Heather Cohen

Profile of an ambassador: Rich McNeill