Busy day, what to do for dinner?

Busy day, what to do for dinner? You can avoid take out and eat healthy. Beth Ricci, Contributing Writer for Keeper of the Home has a solution:

“So, easy homemade (from scratch, not from a box) meal ideas are a must. We often do things like brinner (breakfast for dinner), grilled cheese, or a basic meat + starch + veggie meal of some kind. Maybe a hearty salad. But you can easily branch out further and get creative with a few of the ideas below. 

Most of the meals below can be whipped up in 30 minutes or less. Most require little prep time. And all of these quick and easy weeknight meals are going to nourish your family a bajillion times more than the drive-through, and be cheaper, too.”

30+ Quick & Easy Weeknight Meals

30+ Quick & Easy Weeknight Meals (Keeper of the Home iamge)

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