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Friends of Franklin Library – Book Sale – Oct 20th

The Library Book Sale sponsored by the Friends of the Franklin Library is scheduled for the weekend of Oct 19-21. As part of the book sale, they will also be collecting donations for the Food Pantry. This is one of the win-win situations that the Food Pantry loves to participate in. You get to help… Read more »

Double good deal: Library Book Sale this weekend

Bring a donation for the Food Pantry and the Friends of Franklin Library will give you a coupon reducing the price of a book. This is a double good deal. You help the Food Pantry and the Franklin Library at the same time! —  —  — It is time for the Friends of Franklin Library… Read more »

Great list of food books

Earlier this week, TakePart asked its Food, Inc community to share some of its favorite books about the food industry. With more than 850 replies, the response was overwhelming—and exciting.  We’ve compiled the whole list and broken it into four sections: the most mentioned books, the runner-ups, books related to diet, and cook books.  Michael… Read more »