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Calling all Foodies!

The Franklin Performing Arts Center will be hosting their Culinary Cabaret this Friday, March 8th. The Franklin Food Pantry will use this event to introduce our “Sponsor a Shelf” program.  Here’s What’s Cooking! Wondering what will be taking place at our Culinary Cabaret?  Read on to get a taste of just a few of the highlights!… Read more »

Cooking Classes at Whole Foods, Bellingham

Monday, April 18th  ->  Cooking with Greens!        6:30 -8:00 p.m.   cost: $5.00 donation to the Whole Planet Foundation Are you tired of eating plain old steamed greens? Do wish you were eating more green leafy vegetables? Don’t feel bad, GREENS tend to be the #1 missing ingredient in the standard American… Read more »