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“I guess you don’t really see that a lot of people are in need”

WGBH visited Franklin recently when preparing a report in their continuing series on Rediscovering the Middle Class. They talked with Erin Lynch, Executive Director of the Franklin Food Pantry, and interviewd Doug and Karen Mow. In his living room in Franklin, Mow is keeping a close eye on the clock. He’s waiting for a client to call;… Read more »

“They work hard, but can’t protect their families from hunger”

How come the Franklin Food Pantry is busy? “The poverty rate in Massachusetts is the highest it’s been since 1960. The inflation-adjusted wages of the lowest-paid workers haven’t budged in decades. Income inequality in the state has become greater than in the nation as a whole.” – The Boston Globe, November 2014 screen grab of… Read more »

“acts of kindness can greatly improve the lives of others”

From the MA Gov blog they have an article with good tips on how to donate wisely this holiday season. How to Donate Charitable organizations provide a variety of services to those most in need. With many charities asking for your assistance, it’s important to give wisely. Find a cause you are passionate about – Donating can… Read more »

“what these individuals needed more than coats were jobs”

Veronika is doing good things for the folks in Detroit.  Veronika Scott was a product design student in Detroit when she invented a water-resistant and self-heating coat that transforms into a sleeping bag for the homeless. After spending months at local homeless shelters, Veronika discovered that what these individuals needed more than coats were jobs,… Read more »

Families Helping Families

A Free Community Event to Support our Local Food Pantries Saturday December 13, 6-8 pm at Living Buddha Nature All monetary donations go to our local food pantries in Millis and Franklin to directly support local families. Enjoy a free concert by international Virtuoso guitarist Aaron-Larget Caplan Raffle at event for prizes including yoga and… Read more »