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MassBudget: From Poverty to Opportunity

       From Poverty to Opportunity: The Challenge of Building a Great Society Fifty years ago economic growth in America was leading to rising wages across the income spectrum and progress towards broadly shared prosperity. In that context the nation launched a series of Great Society initiatives to expand opportunity to those who were still… Read more »

Kids Count: Two New Reports on Kinship Foster Care

       PLACING KIDS WITH EXTENDED FAMILYHELPS THEM THRIVE When children need to be removed from their families due to concerns of abuse or neglect, they have a greater opportunity to succeed and thrive if they are placed with members of their extended family, rather than with people they don’t know. Children who are… Read more »

MassBudget: MA Kids Rank #1 according Kids Count Data Book

       Massachusetts kids lead nation in well-being,  but even here far too many live in poverty Children have a greater opportunity to thrive and succeed in Massachusetts than in any other state, according to the 50-state ranking announced today by the Annie E. Casey Foundation KIDS COUNT project (click HERE for full report). Because… Read more »