Exciting times – the Governor visits the Food Pantry

Franklin’s Representative Jeff Roy brought Governor Deval Patrick for a visit to the Food Pantry Thursday morning. The Milford Daily News article reporting on the visit to Franklin writes in part:

Roy also brought Patrick and Kerrigan to the Franklin Food Pantry. Erin Lynch, the pantry’s executive director, discussed efforts to expand the space. And Patrick asked how the pantry has changed over the years. 

“Most of the families we see now are working,” Lynch said, noting that they don’t earn enough to provide a consistent meal.

Continue reading the article in the Milford Daily News here (subscription maybe required)

You can stop by the Food Pantry tent in the Rockland Trust parking lot during the Harvest Festival on Sunday, October 5th.

Additional information on the Harvest Festival can be found on the Downtown Partnership webpage 

Harvest Festival handout (including map)

Harvest Festival performance schedule

Harvest Festival traffic alert

The photo below shows the Food Pantry tent and truck set up for the Festival in 2013. Hopefully, the weather will be bringing sunshine this year!

Food Pantry tent and truck for the Harvest Festival Oct 2013
Food Pantry tent and truck for the Harvest Festival Oct 2013