Fairmount Fruit Farm – strawberries

Did you know that there are still U-pick strawberries to be found in Franklin?

Fairmount Fruit Farm on Lincoln Street (near the Medway border) has an amazing greenhouse full of the berries growing on their new hydro-stackers.

We had a great time picking recently, no deep knee bending or sunscreen needed.

They also have great fresh, organic eggs and a freezer full of fresh lamb.

They will be opening the berry greenhouse to the public later this week.


Check availability by calling them at 508-533-8737

Support your local farmers!

Antonio Mendoca, Neil Acevedo, and Will Acevedo, all from Franklin, at the Fairmount Fruit Farm

Look at the size of this one!

A peek at the hydro-stackers, which the greenhouse also sells.

My thanks to Amy Acevedo for sharing these pictures and information!

This was originally posted to Franklin MAtters.