Food and drives – Dos and Don’ts!

We are approaching our busiest Food and Fund drive time of the year. We appreciate the commitment to ending food insecurity that our community shows us and this year, more than ever, we need your help to help feed our over 1400 neighbors who visit us. This year though, our food drives need to be a little different

Our Pantry is currently a drive-up only distribution and we give all our neighbors the same pre- packed bag of groceries, along with fresh produce and proteins. That means that we need to have a large amount of the same items. When you run your Food and Fund drive, it helps us and our neighbors the most if you ask for very specific items, so we can make sure that every neighbor gets what they need. 

Before you run your food drive, please reach out to Sue Kilcoyne, Operations Director, at to learn what items The Pantry needs at that time and to arrange a time for drop off. 

If you aren’t running a Food and Fund drive but simply want to donate food – please refer to our Current Needs list for specific items we need.  If you would like to have a fundraiser for the Pantry please visit here to learn how to you can easily set up your own fundraising page to help raise funds for the Pantry! 

Thank you for your flexibility and for your commitment to helping our neighbors.  For more information about Food Donation Dos and Don’ts check out this video: