Food recycling as a climate issue (audio)

Why is food recycling a climate issue?

Recently the U.S. joined the U.N. in launching programs to combat food waste. Fortunately, right here in Arlington we already have a great model for doing just that. Our guest on this edition of the Climate Hawk Companion is DeAnne Dupont, has been walking the talk, and was instrumental in establishing the Minuteman Food Recovery Project as a collaboration between the Minuteman High School Parent’s Association and Sustainable Arlington

The project collects from Panera Breads, Trader Joe’s and other local businesses in the Arlington, Massachusetts area and distributes it to people who need this food. This makes for a better community and fewer greenhouse gases. Listen to the podcast to catch up on how it all works.

Other organizations mentioned during this podcast are:
Loving Spoonfuls Boston

You can find the full posting on the Mass Climate Action Network blog here

What is happening here in Franklin?
The Franklin Food Pantry coordinates pickups from many local businesses to support the clients the Food Pantry serves. Periodic pickups from Panera Bread, BJ Warehouse, Trader Joe’s, Stop and Shop, The Cake Bar, etc. are coordinated and conducted by Food Pantry volunteers. If the pickup is of a quantity that the Food Pantry can’t use within the window for the item, the Food Pantry does share with the Senior Center and other places where the items can be used.

The anaerobic digestion process was proposed for the former sewer facility in Franklin based upon the new state regulations. If you haven’t heard about the regulations, you can find out more here

For more about the anaerobic digestion proposal discussed at the Town Council meeting

For more about the anaerobic digestion proposal discussed at the Planning Board meeting