Franklin Food Pantry announces “Plant a Row”

What grows in your garden? Do you have tomatoes and peas , or are you like Mary here

Mary, Mary, quite contrary,
How does your garden grow?
With peppers, beans, and lots of greens,
And tall sweet corn in a row!

Have you considered planting a row in your garden for the Franklin Food Pantry? Modeled after the national “Plant a Row” program, this is a good way for gardeners to contribute. Grow some fresh and healthy food to share. Then, when it is ready, take those healthy fruits, herbs, and veggies to the Food Pantry, where they will be distributed to your neighbors and families.

Why Plant a Row? Plant a Row is rooted in the heartfelt tradition of gardeners sharing a bountiful harvest with others. Sharing can happen on many levels. Home gardeners, schools, church groups, youth and community organizations, and even area businesses can all help make a difference for their neighbors who experience hunger or the threat of hunger.

Nothing beats the taste and nutrition of fresh-picked vegetables. Growing and eating from your own garden can improve your health, save you money, increase your sustainability, and decrease your carbon footprint. And most important, your Franklin Food Pantry announces garden can help your Franklin neighbors.

You can sign up by emailing or visit Franklin’s Plant a Row website