Franklin Food Pantry: Board Development Committee Charter

The Board Development Committee will work to improve the overall effectiveness of the individual board members and the Board of Directors functioning as a whole. Aspects of this work will include the Nine Steps in the Board Building Cycle which includes: Identification, Cultivation, Recruitment, Orientation, Involvement, Education, Evaluation, Rotation, and Celebration. The work of the Board Development Committee will require that the committee meet on an ongoing basis.

1. Use a board assessment process/tool to identify the strengths/weaknesses of board members and the board every 2-3 years based upon the organization’s strategic plan/priorities and needs/skills identified to accomplish goals.

2. Based on the board assessment and/or board member input, develop an annual plan for board member education and training.

3. Understand that the board recruitment process is a year-round function that includes the development of annual leadership recruitment/nominating plan that identifies needs of the board. Manage the entire nominating process as outlined in the bylaws.

4. Provide a board orientation program for all new members of the Board of Directors. This meeting shall be conducted prior to the new members’ first board meeting. The primary objective of board orientation shall be to give the new members as much information as possible so that at the first board meeting they will be able to participate fully.

5. Review the board member expectations list each year and revise where appropriate. All proposed changes must be brought before the board for approval. Use the board expectation list in the recruitment of new board members and ensure that each potential new member fully understands the expectations they will have to meet.

6. Establish board and committee meeting attendance expectation. Track, report to the board and manage these expectations. Address board members that are not meeting expectations.

7. Assist the board president with recommendations of potential committee chairs and committee assignments based on the overall recruitment plan of new board members.

8. Work in close contact with the board president and Executive Director on all areas of board development.

The members of the Board Development Committee are nominated annually by the Board president with input from the Committee Chair and Executive Director. Members are approved by a simple majority of the board. The committee shall be composed of not less than four and no more than eight members. The term of office for the Committee Chair will be one year. The Executive Director is the staff person assigned to this committee.