Franklin Food Pantry: Fundraising Committee Charter

The Fundraising Committee is responsible for creating and leading the organization’s overall fundraising strategy, which includes fundraising (monetary and in kind donations) done by the board and food pantry staff. To accomplish this, its responsibilities are:

  1. To ensure that all fundraising is consistent with the mission, vision and values of the Franklin Food Pantry (FFP).
  2. To develop and recommend policies to the board for approval that will guide our fundraising efforts in an appropriate manner. All fundraising inquiries will be brought to the board for discussion
  3. To work with staff to establish a comprehensive fundraising program that incorporates a series of methods, including but not limited to, special events, direct and indirect grants, and direct donations. The Fundraising Committee will also help manage its implementation.
  4. To provide opportunities for all board members to participate in fundraising.
  5. To monitor fundraising efforts to be sure ethical practices are in place, that donors are acknowledged appropriately, that fundraising efforts are cost effective, and, in conjunction with the Finance Committee, that the FFP maximizes the amount of funds that go directly to our charitable purposes.
  6. To handle all outside organization fundraising inquiries and bring to the full board for discussion.
  7. To provide support, if needed, to outside organizations that are soliciting, running events, etc. on behalf of the FFP.
  8. To closely monitor any organization or individual that solicits funds on behalf of the FFP to ensure adherence to donor intent as well as accountability in fundraising practices.
  9. To ensure that volunteers have all the necessary tools/resources to support fundraising efforts (for example, the phon-a-thon script).
  10. To ensure that all fundraising operates within the confines of local, state and federal laws and regulations.
  11. To raise funds so the FFP can meet its proposed budget, working closely with the Finance Committee to define the FFP’s long and short term funding needs.
  12. To recruit a variety of community members with a diverse knowledge/interest in fundraising.
  13. To investigate new fundraising projects, activities and ideas for possible future use, which includes creating a list of possible fundraising sources (private, corporate grants, etc.).
  14. Promote public awareness of the FFP in conjunction with the Communication Committee.