Current Needs

Below is a list of the products currently most needed by the Pantry. If you are participating in a community food and fund drive, or just dropping off some items in our donation box, please consider the items mentioned here. Refer to our Food Donation Guidelines when gathering your items.

  • Plastic jarred jelly
  • Canned pasta
  • Crackers/snacks
  • Rice sides
  • Cereal (NOT over-sized)
  • Oatmeal packets
  • Canned fruit
  • Reusuable shopping bags

We have also created an Amazon Wish list  for general donation items to the pantry. Please visit here if you’d like to donate.


Please consider dropping your items off in reusable shopping bags. Thank you for your support. 

We cannot accept expired food. Please check the dates on all items. Nor can we accept medicines or vitamins of any kind, including over-the-counter. 




updated 3/24/2020