Food Donation Guidelines

You can help us be efficient in our work if you follow these guidelines:

  1. In food drives or donation bin drop-offs, only donate food that is nonperishable (canned, boxed, etc.).
  2. Donations of produce and other perishable foods must be arranged in advance to ensure we can accommodate them. Please call 508-528-3115 for details.
  3. Check the dates on all items. We cannot accept expired food.
  4. We cannot accept medications or vitamins of any kind, even over-the-counter items.
  5. Do not give us items that are open or damaged.
  6. Please give only standard size vs. big box store items. These are easier to distribute to families of all sizes and store on our shelves.
  7. Please donate only food, personal care items or household cleaners. We are not equipped to take household items such as dishes, clothing, furniture, etc.
  8. Please refer to our Current Needs List for suggested donations.
  9. The donation bin is open Monday – Friday and locked on the weekends.