Hear Rose’s Story and learn how you can help

Rose is a 71 year old senior who has lived in Franklin for over eleven years. She is dependent on her monthly social security check and has had some expensive medical procedures recently. She has visited the Franklin Food Pantry off and on for the past four years.

Rose faced rising medical costs and a fixed income. “I live on a social security check – and I never had food stamps until this year and they don’t cover much. I went to the Pantry because I needed help. I didn’t have that much money. When you live on one check and it’s about 800 dollars a month and you have to pay your rent, bills, car and everything else, it’s expensive – and sometimes there isn’t enough left over for food. You can’t even imagine the medical bills I have.”

“When I go to The Pantry, it’s like going to a grocery store. That’s the thing that I love. There are fresh fruits and vegetables. There is always a meal that can be made out of the food I get at the Pantry. It’s like a salvation. Someplace that I know I can go. The Pantry is there to help all of us .”

“There is one woman there who knows I love peach. When I came to the Pantry for my shopping one month, she made sure that I saw the peach jam.

She went down to the basement (where the Pantry stores food) to get me some. She remembered my face from all the faces to make sure I got something I liked. The Franklin Food Pantry is a Godsent. I love the Pantry, but mainly I love the people at The Pantry.”

Learn more about our 2020 Annual Appeal and how you can continue to make lives better for families, veterans, and seniors – our friends and neighbors. People like Rose. You can help us make sure that our shelves are always stocked – no matter what time of the year – and that everyone in Franklin has access to healthy food. A gift of any amount makes a difference and you will be supporting your neighbors right here in Franklin.