Help a Neighbor

Fill a Grocery Bag

Last year, there were 4,821 client visits to the Pantry. The Pantry serves 556 adults, 269 children and 142 seniors on a regular basis. Monetary donations allow us to fill grocery bags with fresh food and essentials like:

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Dairy products
  • Meats and eggs
  • Personal care items and cleaning supplies (which are not covered by SNAP/Food Stamps)

And, we can fill a bag of groceries for a much lower price* than you would pay at the grocery store. As a member agency of the Greater Boston Food Bank, we purchase quality foods in bulk amounts at a significantly reduced price. Your donation provides:

$18 = 1 bag
$54 = 3 bags
$108 = 6 bags
$252 = 14 bags
$504 = 28 bags
$1,008 = 56 bags

Please help us fill some grocery bags

*Our typical bag of groceries would cost an average of $42 in the grocery store.







updated 4/26/18