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via My Earth Garden by Michael Nolan on 4/11/12

The Regrow Together ProjectAfter living through the terrible tornadoes of April 27, 2011 in Alabama I wanted to do something that would make a lasting impact on those who have fallen victim to natural disaster. A few weeks later, an idea was born that is as simple as gardeners helping gardeners.

The Regrow Together Project works to connect gardeners all over the United States with fellow green thumbs who have been impacted by tornadoes, wildfires, floods, hurricanes and other natural disasters. While other organizations see to the important work of meeting immediate needs for medical care, food and shelter, we see it as our duty to bring hope to our fellow gardeners and help them recapture the joy and fulfillment of the home garden.

The Regrow Together Project is about more than rebuilding, it’s about strengthening shattered communities by bringing community gardens to neighborhoods devastated by storm damage. It’s about restoring a sense of pride and dignity where they have been stripped away.

The Regrow Together Project is supported by an ever-growing network of volunteers around the country who devote their time and resources to be harbingers of hope when thinks look bleak. Nature offers us a chance to grow, but it is up to us to Regrow Together.

Simply repairing a building does not make it home. The Regrow Together Project stands to help thousands of people impacted by natural disasters across the country by making their houses and neighborhoods feel like home again. It’s bigger than planting a garden, it’s supporting rebuilding efforts by cleaning up gardens and landscapes that have been damaged or destroyed.

There are already projects underway around the country, but in order to organize and garner the kind of corporate support that will help this project make the largest possible impact, we need your help. I ask that you please contribute to our fundraising campaign to raise the money necessary to incorporate Regrow Together and create a nonprofit organization.

You can join us on Facebook to meet other supporters and state coordinators as well as see the projects that are already taking place.

Please help, and share this link with your friends and family.

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