Hunger Action Month Kicks Off

Campaign challenges public to imagine impact of hunger

The 2017 Hunger Action Month campaign kicked off this month with an engaging idea. Through its nationwide awareness campaign on hunger, Feeding America is asking the public to consider the universal feeling of an empty stomach. How, on an empty stomach, we cannot reach our full potential. Our ability to think clearly and be productive is limited.

Here’s the Challenge

Imagine yourself on an empty stomach. You are at your hungriest. You do not have access to a quick snack or fast-food restaurant to satisfy your hunger immediately. You are completely distracted by how hungry you feel that you cannot focus on anything. Work. School. Chores. What your kids are saying. Think about how hunger has held you back from being able to do something.

How You Can Help

The Franklin Food Pantry offers access to healthy, fresh and nutritious food so that our most vulnerable neighbors can reach their full potential. With enough food to eat, the more than 1,000 individuals we serve can focus on their daily responsibilities and relationships. Our neighbors can find joy in their lives, free from hunger.

Join us during Hunger Action Month and help us spread the word about hunger and take action to fight it. Think about some ways you can have an impact. Here are some ideas:

Learn more about the impact of hunger on our families in Franklin.

Become a monthly recurring donor to help us battle hunger year-round.

Share your story or tell us about someone you know who has experienced hunger.

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During Hunger Action Month, we celebrate all those who can get back on their feet again because they are not hungry any more. We all have a role to play in getting food to our neighbors in need. What’s yours?