Hunger Has No Season

Former client, now donor, pays it forward through monthly giving

John May and his family counted on the Pantry’s help 16 years ago. Today, the Pantry counts on him. As a monthly recurring donor, John is paying it forward by helping other families in need all year long. Here is John’s story:

“I started my monthly pledge about a year ago. I learned about the pantry 16 years ago after my wife and I moved here and hit an unforeseen financial disaster after a few months. I lost my job and she was hospitalized with an illness all in the same month. The pantry helped us out for a couple of weeks. Fast forward 16 years and we’re doing well, our kids are grown and leading happy, successful lives, all because for a short time when we needed it, our community supported us. I used to donate canned goods during drives, but now that I know more about the actual logistics of food (storage, distribution, and how super markets work), it’s far more effective to send a donation of cash, and the food pantry can really stretch those dollars more.  

I am now semi-retired from a career in the forklift business, and I work part-time in the produce department at Wegmans in Northborough.

John May

I decided on a monthly donation because need has no season, and families need to eat 52 weeks a year.

It’s the way to go for the aforementioned reasons, and it does not have to be a big amount. You won’t even miss it.

If even a small percentage of Franklin homes pledged $5 a month through the automatic donation feature on the pantry’s website, that would be a tremendous help for our fellow citizens in need at a time of crisis. We brag about being listed as one of the safest small towns in the USA, why not be the most caring as well?”