In the News: Food Elves lending a hand!

The Franklin Food Elves are back for another round of “12 Days of Donating”. The Milford Daily News reports on their efforts for the Franklin Food Pantry:

“It’s not the stereotypical family coming in here,” Sottile said. “It’s the neighbors; it’s the people who are working. You could have both parents working and still not make enough money to provide.” 

Erin Lynch, the food pantry’s developmental director, said Friday the drive brings in the whole town. 

“We love to see the community come together on this,” Lynch said. “You can always accomplish more together. This event shows that when you work as a team, you can maximize your resources for the greatest results.” 

She added, “When you look at the ways something like this benefits the community, it’s not just the recipients here at the food pantry: It’s any organization that needs help. When you have kids learn they can make a difference, it benefits everybody.”

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