Last week to buy raffle tickets for community mural

Do you remember this from July?

This mural, created by the Franklin community at last year’s Harvest Festival, has been donated to the Franklin Food Pantry. It is being exhibited at different locations around town this summer, and right now, it’s at Pour Richard’s! 

Stop in to view the mural, and while you’re here, please consider purchasing a raffle ticket. The winning ticket will be drawn at this fall’s Harvest Festival, and the winner can decide to take the mural home or donate it to an appropriate public space: Town Hall, a school, the library, etc. 

Many thanks to Jane Curran of Jane’s Frames for initiating this great project!

The mural has moved, been framed and is at Jane’s Frames until the drawing is held about 3:30 PM on the triangle during the Harvest Festival, Sunday Oct 5th.

"River Runs Through"
“River Runs Through”

You can visit Jane’s Frames to purchase a raffle ticket (or two). Tickets are $5 each.

More about the community painting can be found here

and here