Looking for Volunteer Opportunities? We’ve got them!

The Mobile Food Pantry has been launched!    It is still in the new stage so adjustments will be made along the way to facilitate this process.   Many people have been asking for volunteer opportunities and we are happy that the Mobile Pantry will provide many for high schoolers and adults!  Community Service hours will be given for this effort.
We were utilizing an on-line tool (Sign-Up Genius) to schedule our volunteers. We are now relying on email. If you want to participate, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator –> volunteers@franklinfoodpantry.org

Mobile Pantry Schedule

2nd Monday (Park Terrace)3rd Monday (Winter Street)4th Monday (Senior Center)

Franklin Food Pantry truck takes the Food Pantry to our neighbors
Franklin Food Pantry truck takes the Food Pantry to our neighbors

purple – For HS Students and up
If you would like to sign up more than one shift, we would love to have you with us!

12:00               Meet at Pantry to help load the truck  (4 volunteers- High School students or Adults).  Can drive to location and help unload too.

1:00                 Driver needed to drive the truck to the location.  Must have a valid license and current insurance. (Adults 21+)

1:00 – 2:00      Unload truck at location (3-4 volunteers-Can be High School students )

2:30 – 3:30      Assist Clients – forms, shopping, misc.  (4 volunteers – Adults 21+)
3:30                 Driver needed to drive the truck back to Pantry  

3:30-5:00        Re-load truck and then help unload it back at the Pantry.  (4 volunteers – High School students okay)
*Please note that some of these tasks may require heavy lifting and the basement stairs.
Many thanks!

Lisa Buccella and Maria Weiss
Volunteer Coordinators
Franklin Food Pantry
43 West Central Street
PO Box 116
Franklin, MA 02038
508-528-3115, press 5 for volunteer line voicemail