Navigating the Supermarket Aisles With Michael Pollan and Michael Moss

Food choices can be tough. Combine specific dietary needs, volume sufficient for your family and your budget and the choices can be challenging.

So when two rather well known journalists on food go to the market, what choices do they make?

This is not the Michaels’ mien. Walking through the aisles of an urban supermarket, journalists Micahel Pollan and Michael Moss, who both write about issues of food and health, appear more like reporters in a conflict zone than your average domesticated shopper. 

But in a new video and story published in the New York Times this week, that’s exactly what the pair were sent to do: Buy provisions from a grocery store for a meal that would pass muster with the high standards put forward in Pollan’s Cooked and Moss’ Sugar Salt Fat. Unprocessed, low-salt, no added sugar, local, sustainable, organic, humane.

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