Food security: waste not, want not

A good friend of Steve Sherlock pointed this movie out to him over the holidays. Hunger and food security are big issues world wide. The Franklin Food Pantry is working to provide food for those who need it amongst us. View this movie at We hope that this doesn’t spoil your appetite. We do… Read more »

Neighbors helping neighbors

Leveraging the buying power of the Food Pantry and its network of resources, your donation can provide lots of meals. $ Thank you!

“It’s probably a good thing to do”

Some charities, including the Franklin Food Pantry, will send donors letters acknowledging the gift rather than hand out receipts. Anne Marie Bellavance at the Franklin Food Pantry said donations being dropped off and coming in the mail have picked up in the past two weeks. “It’s definitely on the minds of people the week before… Read more »