Pantry Joins #Giving Tuesday

Goal is 322 gifts – one for each child we serve

The Franklin Food Pantry has joined #Giving Tuesday, a


#Giving Tuesday online donation

global day ofgiving that encourages philanthropy and celebrates generosity worldwide. On a more local level, our goal for this international day of giving on Tuesday, November 29, is simple: 322 online donations in honor of the number of children we serve. Any size donation counts.


#Giving Tuesday is held annually on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving to kick off the holiday giving season and inspire people to improve their local communities and give back in impactful ways to charities and causes. Our cause is to help provide for a very basic need in our community – help feed those who do not have access to enough food.

“Nearly one-third of our clients are children,” says Erin Lynch, executive director of the Pantry. “They are part of families who are struggling to put enough food on the table. What a meaningful gift it is to help provide enough food for children in need. #Giving Tuesday is an opportunity to remember and take care of our most vulnerable.”

The goal is to achieve 322 online donations to represent the number of children who count on the Pantry on a regular basis. Any size gift, small or large, will help us reach our #Giving Tuesday goal. Mark your calendars and set your appointment reminders for November 29!

Giving for #Giving Tuesday is easy with our Giving Tuesday online donation form. Please help us spread the word.