Reminder: Help the Food Pantry by participating in Globe GRANT today

Franklin Food Pantry
Franklin Food Pantry 
The Franklin Food Pantry has been fortunate to appear on this list and would appreciate if more Globe subscribers would participate. If you misplaced the mailing, there are instructions on how to contact the Globe to cast your ballot.

To see the current listing of the GRANT awards check here

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The Boston Globe GRANT, Globe Readers and Non-profits Together
GRANT is a FREE subscriber benefit. We mailed you a

To start the new year, the Globe would like to ask you to be part of our newest community program, Globe GRANT (Globe Readers And Non-profits Together). The GRANT program will enable you to support the 501(c)(3) non-profit of your choice by helping them get free advertising space in the Globe to spread the word about their mission, recruit volunteers, advertise events, and more. This program comes at no cost to you or your preferred non-profit.

GRANT is a FREE benefit for subscribers; here’s what to do:

  1. Open your silver envelope you received in the mail.
  2. Write your favorite 501(c)(3) on the enclosed voucher.
  3. Mail the voucher in the postage-paid envelope.
  4. Lost your envelope? Just email us at Please include your name, email address, street address and non-profit.

The Boston Globe,
To learn more, go to or call 617-929-3198.
The Boston Globe,

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We value your privacy.

If you have any questions, please email

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