Reverse Advent Calendar

In this season of giving we often see the reverse advent calendar meme being shared on social media. The idea is that on each day of December a person would donate an item to give to a local food pantry and then on December 24, the food is delivered. While we appreciate the spirit behind the idea, we wanted to take the opportunity to share the best way that you can help The Franklin Food Pantry this holiday season and throughout the year!

This time of year, many of our corporate partners run food drives within their businesses and bring donations to the Pantry. Our Pantry is a small but mighty space and we don’t always have the capacity to store unexpected food donations. The Pantry is also closed from December 23 – January 1 and we will not be able to collect any donations made during that time. 

How Can You Help?

Food and Fund Drive

We are so grateful for all of the ways our community wants to help. If you do want to hold a food and fund drive please visit our website and fill out a food and fund drive registration form. This helps us know when the drive is happening so we can be prepared with volunteers and space to sort, weigh and store the food. After submission, we will confirm your drive and provide you with the items most needed at that time. And don’t forget to follow our donation guidelines: no expired food, nonperishable items only and no medicines or vitamins. 

Monetary Gifts

Please also consider making a monetary donation instead. Monetary gifts enable the Pantry to:

  • Purchase more nutritious and fresh food (fruits, vegetables, dairy products and meats) to supplement nonperishable food donations
  • Purchase food from the Greater Boston Food Bank at the best possible price. The Pantry leverages its buying power to acquire food at a fraction of grocery store costs.
  • Provide personal care items and cleaning supplies that are not covered by SNAP (food stamps) – necessities many take for granted, such as soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toilet paper, laundry detergent and feminine hygiene products.
  • Meet community need all year long, especially during times when food and fund drives happen less frequently.
  • Manage our inventory more efficiently. Food donations require much time, space and labor for sorting, date checking and storing.

Consider donating to us all year long.  Hunger knows no season and we work to meet our clients’ needs all year long. Thank you for your support.