Top 10 Reasons Why We Love Our Volunteers

  1. Their dedication: Our volunteers show up daily to unload the truck, stock, enter data, apply for grants and help serve our neighbors!
  2. Their smiles: No one is more welcoming than our client service volunteers!
  3. Their skill sets: We have a small Pantry staff to help run operations on a day to day basis. Our volunteers bring their specific talents to help us accomplish a variety of tasks.
  4. Their hearts: Our volunteers are here because they want to help make our community a stronger place.
  5. Their energy:  Those boxes aren’t always light! Our volunteers make sure that the food is delivered safely.
  6. Their actions: They are ready to serve and take on any task – big or small.

  7. Their example: Their dedication encourages others to take action.
  8. Their impact: Our volunteers’ work affects the more than 1,100 neighbors who visit the Pantry each month.
  9. Their tenacity: Through rain, sleet or snow our volunteers come to make a difference.
  10. BECAUSE THEY ARE WHO THEY ARE! We love our volunteers just because of who they are! Thank you for all that you do for The Pantry!


Interested in becoming a volunteer at the Franklin Food Pantry? Visit our web site to learn more.