Volunteers Making a Difference

Amber is one of the pantry/s busiest volunteers. You can find her distributing food bags to our neighbors, stocking shelves, delivering food, and unloading the truck.

Volunteers are at the heart of Pantry operations. We count on so many people, and in so many ways, to serve our neighbors in need. We are grateful for each and every one. Pictured here are just a few of the many we count on.

Pat Llewellyn has been picking up donations from BJ’s and delivering them to the Pantry for 18 years. She says, “Volunteering makes me feel wanted.”

(From left) Client Service Representatives Donna O’Neill, Anne McGillis and Michelle Addi greet and sign-in clients during Pantry shopping hours; assist with shopping needs and weighing food; make client appointments; and welcome the general public. They are among the many volunteers our clients count on to help with their visits to the Pantry.

(From left) Mike Knauth, Jeff Steer and Ryan Masciarelli from Waters Corporation volunteer every month to help unload our Greater Boston Food Bank pick-ups.



Brian Poirior shovels snow for the pantry.                                                          

Dianne Feeley volunteers behind the scenes helping the Pantry with bookkeeping and payroll services.

Maureen Udstuen helps pick up and deliver donations from Panera Bread in Franklin. Our clients have access to fresh bread and produce every day we are open.

The Pantry counts on Volunteer Dave Strittmatter to drive the truck to several of our food partners each week to pick up and deliver goods to the Pantry. He is often the one you see behind the wheel around town.

Some residents in need have difficulty getting to the Pantry because of obstacles such as childcare, medical reasons or transportation issues. Mobile Pantry volunteers deliver food and household items monthly to certain sites in town where residents cannot get to our downtown location. (From left) Volunteers Robin Cowper, Tricia Crowley and Scott Cowper load the truck before setting out.




Monday stocking team members (left to right) Susan Quaranto, Robin Deaver and Kym Pruitt (with daughter Fiona) replenish the shelves every week for client shopping on Tuesdays. We count on several stockers throughout the week to keep the Pantry store well-stocked for client shopping.