Volunteers Needed for Mobile Pantry and Healthy Future Market

The Franklin Food Pantry will introduce the Mobile Pantry beginning Monday June 9th!!  We will need volunteers to help out on Mondays for this new program.  To start, the Mobile Pantry will be held on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Monday of each month.   
Franklin Food Pantry truck becomes the "mobile pantry"
Franklin Food Pantry truck becomes the “mobile pantry”
Volunteers are needed for the following shifts for each week:

12:00  –  Meet at Pantry to help load the truck  (3-4 volunteers-High School students okay)

1:00 – Driver needed to drive the truck to the location (Senior Center, Central Park Terrace or Winter Street depending on the week). Volunteer must have a valid license and current insurance.
1:30  –  Unload truck at location (3-4 volunteers-High School students okay)
2:30-3:30  –  Clients visit the Market.  Volunteers will be needed to help Clients, do intake forms for new clients, etc.  (3-4 volunteers – students NOT okay)
3:30 – Driver needed to drive the truck back to Pantry 
3:30-5:00  –  Reload truck and then help unload it back at the Pantry.  (3-4 volunteers – High School students okay)
*Please note that some of these tasks may require heavy lifting and the basement stairs.
Eventually the process will change a little bit as we are having the Clients fill out shopping lists for each month, so we will be filling individual boxes prior to each Monday visit and the Clients will then only have to shop for specialty items such as bread, produce, and any other items we bring each week. 

Healthy Futures
Healthy Futures

The Healthy Future Market is also beginning next week, Tuesday June 10th!   Every Tuesday through October we will have the Healthy Future Market at the Pantry. The schedule for this program is as follows:
12:00 – Bring Pantry truck to Akin Bak and Hoffmann Farms to pick up that week’s CSA shares.  May involve some heavy lifting.  (2 volunteers – one will need to drive the truck and must have a valid drivers license and current insurance)
1:00  –  Setup the Market (carry tables and chairs from basement, unload product from the truck, weigh and setup the produce for the Market.  (4 volunteers – High School students okay)

3:00  –  Take inventory of stock, set limits for each item, place signage, etc.  (2 volunteers – High School students okay)

4:00-5:00  –  Market takes place.  Assist Clients with their shopping, weigh out the bags, help with demos, tastings, etc.  2nd week of each month there will be a chef from Cooking Matters running a workshop too.  (3-4 volunteers – students NOT okay)
5:00  –  Break down Market, bring produce inside and put in appropriate space (shelves, fridge).  Bring all tables, chairs, etc. back into basement.  (3-4 volunteers – High School Students okay).
 *Please note that some of these task involve some heavy lifting and the basement stairs.
We will have a calendar set up at the Pantry for each week and each shift so if you are interested in helping out on a specific day we can keep track of it that way and we will also send out reminders prior to your shift. Robin Cowper will be coordinating the Market schedule and will be in touch with you with further information.
As you can see we need quite a few people to make these both successes and we appreciate any help you can provide. 
Thank you very much!

Lisa Buccella and Maria Weiss
Volunteer Coordinators
Franklin Food Pantry
43 West Central Street
PO Box 116
Franklin, MA 02038
508-528-3115, press 5 for volunteer line voicemail