“what these individuals needed more than coats were jobs”

Veronika is doing good things for the folks in Detroit. 

Veronika Scott was a product design student in Detroit when she invented a water-resistant and self-heating coat that transforms into a sleeping bag for the homeless. After spending months at local homeless shelters, Veronika discovered that what these individuals needed more than coats were jobs, and so began The Empowerment Plan. Today, the non-profit employs homeless women, teaching them skills that empower them to take their lives back while creating a product for a community they were once a part of.

For more about GAP’s “One Stitch Closer” program follow this link

Like Veronika, the Franklin Food Pantry is looking to do more. With the mobile pantry, we make it easier for some of our clients to get the food they need. We also hold cooking classes to help develop a healthier life style.

If you would like to help the Food Pantry, you can sign up to volunteer in any number of ways. You can also make a taxable contribution securely online.

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donate securely online