Food and Fund Drive FAQ

What is a Food and Fund Drive?

A Food and Fund Drive is a collection of food and money on for the Franklin Food Pantry.

How does our Food and Fund Drive impact The Pantry?

The Franklin Food Pantry is not funded by the Town of Franklin. As a private, nonprofit organization, we depend on donations from individuals, corporations, foundations, and other strategic partners. We are grateful for our many partnerships, including that with the Greater Boston Food Bank, that allow us to achieve greater buying power and lower our costs. Donations and grants fund our food purchases, keep our lights on, and put gas in our food truck. Private donations allow us to serve the more than 1,200 individuals who count on us.

Why a Food and Fund Drive?

Whether you are a large or small corporation, or a school district, giving people the option to donate money in lieu of food allows for greater participation in your event. For many individuals, writing a check or giving a cash donation is preferred.

What does the Franklin Food Pantry do with the funds collected from a Food and Fund Drive?

Monetary donations make it possible to:

  • Purchase food for a fraction of what it costs in the grocery store. We buy food from the Greater Boston Food Bank at the best possible price.
  • Supplement The Pantry’s inventory with more nutritious and fresh food, such as produce, dairy products, and meats. The high cost of fresh fruits and vegetables can be a barrier to wholesome nutrition for many families.
  • Operate with fewer resources. Food donations require much time, space, and labor for sorting, date checking, and storing.
  • Meet community needs all year long, especially during times when food drives happen less frequently.
Who should checks be made payable to?

Checks should be made payable to the Franklin Food Pantry. The Drive coordinator determines the best method for check collection and communicates specific instructions to potential donors.

What if my organization/school wants to hold a Food and Fund Drive?

Please complete the registration form on our website.

Note: Completing this form allows us to acknowledge your efforts, provide tax receipts, plan for your Food and Fund Drive, and ensure we have the capacity and staffing to receive and stock your food donations.

What food items are most needed?

Go to the Pantry Needs page on this website. In addition, we will let you know if there are specific high-priority needs when you schedule your drive. It is best to donate “normal” size items versus big box store items. These are easier to distribute to families of all sizes and to fit on our shelves.

  • All food donations should be non-perishable (canned, boxed, etc.)
  • Cash donations allow us to purchase much-needed FRESH food to supplement non-perishable donations.
  • We cannot accept expired food. Please date-check all donations. See Food Guidelines.
  • We cannot accept items that are open or damaged.
  • If time allows, please sort the items collected (i.e., put all the cans of soup in a box. This makes stocking the pantry shelves much easier!)
  • All food should be packed in sturdy cardboard boxes or bins (i.e. copy paper boxes).
  • If you need your box/bin back, please clearly label it and allow one week for the food to be stocked prior to picking up your boxes.
Does the Franklin Food Pantry support other collections, such as a coat drive or backpack collection?

Due to limited space at The Pantry, we ask that all drives collect only food and personal hygiene items.

Can our organization assist with stocking or distributing the items received during our Food Drive?

Due to the constraints of our building, and privacy concerns for our clients, it is difficult to accommodate large groups of volunteers on a single occasion to help with stocking, etc.

We are grateful for the donations you have worked so hard to collect for us. We can take it from here!

Who comes to The Franklin Food Pantry for help?

Typical clients include working families trying to make ends meet, people experiencing temporary job loss, individuals whose SNAP (food stamps) benefits are reduced, and seniors. Nearly a third of our clients are children.

What are the designated drop-off days/times for a Food and Fund Drive?

You will work with The Pantry to select a specific drop-off day/time when you register and receive a confirmation email.