Stamp Out Hunger

Saturday, May 11, 2024

Mail Carriers in Franklin, Massachusetts are collecting non-perishable items from Franklin residents on Saturday, May 11, 2024. The items will benefit the Franklin Food Pantry. The Pantry relies on this food drive to stock our shelves and provide nutritious food for our neighbors experiencing food insecurity.

How it Works:

Place non-perishable items in a bag and place by your mailbox prior to your normal mail collection time. Items should be placed in a sturdy bag. Most Franklin residents will receive a brown paper bag with Stamp Out Hunger instructions in their mailbox two weeks prior to the event. Please fill this bag, or any other sturdy bag, with groceries or health and beauty items and leave at your mailbox before your Mail Carrier arrives on Saturday, May 11, 2024.

Q & A:

Q: Why are the Mail Carriers collecting items for the Franklin Food Pantry?
A: Since 1993, the National Association of Letter Carriers have organized the Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive. Mail Carriers collect donations of non-perishable food items on the second Saturday in May to benefit local food pantries. Franklin mail carriers will collect food in Franklin which will help fill the shelves of The Pantry.

Q: What time should I leave donations by my mailbox?
A: Please leave the items at the mailbox before your mail carrier arrives on Saturday, May 11, 2024.

Q: What will the mail carriers do with the donations? 
A: Mail Carriers will collect the bags and deliver the items to volunteers who will prepare them for distribution at The Pantry.

Q: Do I need to leave my donations in a special bag?
A: No, you do not need a special bag. Some residents may receive a paper bag with Stamp Out Hunger information in the mail prior to May 11, 2024, but you do not need to use this bag. Mail Carriers will collect items in any sturdy bag.

Q: What if I forget to leave out my donation or my community does not have a Mail Carrier?
A: If you live in a private community or if you miss your collection time, please bring items to:
Franklin Food Pantry
341 W Central Street
Franklin, MA
Place the items in the purple bin on the loading dock at the back of the building.

Q: Can I give money instead? 
A: Yes! To donate money, please click HERE.

Q: Does The Pantry accept expired items?
A: No, we do not accept expired items

Q: Does The Pantry accept opened items including food, unused pet food, or diapers? 
A: No, we cannot accept opened items

Q: What items does The Pantry need?
A: Please consider donating the following items (unopened and not expired):
Health and Beauty Items:
Shampoo / Conditioner
Body Wash / Soap
Shaving Cream
Body Lotion
Laundry Detergent, Cleaning Supplies

Pet Food:
Dry Dog
Cat Food

Holiday Items:
Canned Baked Beans
Canned Cranberry Sauce
Box of Hot Chocolate Mix – 8 envelopes
Boxed Mashed Potatoes (Preferred Idahoan Brand – Original Mashed Potatoes Size 13/75oz) Boxed Stuffing Mix (Preferred Stove Top Brand – Chicken or Turkey Size 6oz)

Q: What items should not be donated?
A: Please do not donate:
Fresh produce
Perishable foods
Any items that need to be refrigerated or frozen
Baby food and/or formula
Adult diapers
Medication and vitamins
Opened items
Expired items

No Expired Food Please! 

For more information, contact the Franklin Food Pantry at